found & made

| UWM_ARTScultpure | Found & Made: Material Investigation + Form Generation | Kathryn E. Martin-Meurer | Duration: 4 Weeks, Spring, 2008 |

| Exhibited: Hold On To The Night, 2010 |

A desire to accentuate the raw textures and visual appearance of found objects is juxtaposed against the smooth, pristine nature of plaster.  The piece maintains a dialogue between wood and plaster both in the overall form, structure and detailing.  There is a conversation.  A brutal honesty reveals process, the nature of the materials, and connections.  Light illuminates the interior, inciting curiosity and allowing the piece to literally fill the space as it washes the walls in bold shadows.  By combining the two opposing sides into a single work a sense of ambiguous shelter and boundary is created. One is both protected and vulnerable; invited and repelled at the same time.  This dialectic pushes you through and around the piece as viewer interprets the conversation between materials and visual aesthetics.