SLOW DOWN DETROIT: seeing the see-able

| Rouse[D] International Design Competition | 2A_eM Design Cooperative | Duration: 3 Weeks, Summer, 2009 | Finalist: Honorable Mention |

Creating infrastructure that engages the too-often passed over beauty of Detroit, the proposal identifies places along a winding path through the city proper and suggests the placement of framework on the sites for an engagement with the senses. The idea of sense connection overrides any formal ‘programmatic’ space.  Latent beauty exists in each place.  Both our urban-scale and site-specific-scale proposals create a framework to experience that beauty in a human-scaled and time-scaled way.

Like drops into placid water, the rippling outward affects the surface, like the nodes affecting change within the local community. Detroit is people: culture, not cars; diversity, not homogeneity; defined by actions, not products; and has potential for local creativity, not bailout.

A new City exists now.  Just look [and feel and listen and touch and taste].

And Slow Down…