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| GSAPPSummer Workshop | [para] site | Frederic Levrat | Duration: 1 Week, Summer, 2011 | Partnered; Laura Cavelli |

| Neo-Nomadic Housing Competition: First Place |

Neo-nomads are young adventure-seekers and cultural chameleons.  They posses an intrinsic desire to learn by doing, understand by experiencing and adapt by circumstance.  Fueled by the technology of our time, emotion and (internal) necessity they are mutant creatures that “fulfill a paradoxical desire to fly and at the same time be rooted in their place of origin.”

This paradoxical desire for roots and wings are mediated through augmenting the ubiquity of the shipping container.  By incorporating a kit of parts: connectors, spanning elements and platforms allow flexibility and personalization for the moment or the month.  However, [para] site recognizes the immense possibilities latent in city infrastructure via technology, culture, etc.  Neo-nomads need something to be complete: community.  The missing piece is the context: a host: nutrients.  A gradient of permanence is personalized through construction and collapse.  Community is maintained by liberating the ground plane; by “giving back” a piece of yourself.  Neo-nomads migrate as a response to a lacking - we provide the mobility.