| GSAPPA4023 | Digital Animation | J.Uhl + D.Fano  | Duration: Fall, 2010_ serial | ‘Best of Reel” CAD show 2010 |

Digital models of a case study project were built in Rhino, exported to 3dsMax and detailed, further edited and sync’d in Adobe After Effects. A 50 second animation (view below) was created in 3dsMax to highlight the architectural elements and phenomenal atmosphere.

The “Light Pavilion” by Lebbeus Woods is a project within Steven Holl’s Raffles City in Chengdu China.  The simple formal structure: tubes of light are rendered into infinity through the manipulation of mirror, and a gradient of translucent and opaque glass elements. Nine Tubes of light bend from floor to ceiling within a mirrored box.  A stairway weaves through the field of light.  The material considerations produce an amazing effect of infinity.  The tubes reflect beyond their physical dimensions.  An amazingly disorienting field of light surrounds one while moving through time and space.

To greater understand the Light Tube Unit a 1/2 scale prototype was constructed.  A basswood core represents the steel structure that supports the four light tubes.  Acrylic panels were bent with a hot rod to reflect the soft fillets in Lebbeus Woods’ tubes of light.  A simple analog jig was constructed to control the fillet of each acrylic corner.