| GSAPPA4756 | Digital Fabrication + Film | Wes Rozen | Duration: Fall, 2011 |
| ‘Best of Reel” CAD show 2011 | Videotect02 International Film Competition: Viewer’s Choice | 

Today’s technology (the camera) allows one to experience architecture through a new medium (film) at new speeds beyond the human experience.  We can replay, distort and replay reality along new trajectories at various elevations and perspectives creating new opportunities for experiencing space, the city and the architecture surrounding us.

Occupying a subway, we shot these clips looking across and down the tracks out the side and front windows (respectively) of the J train.  The result is a disorienting experience of the city. This is the result of an exercise in design fabrication. A prototype was constructed using CNC technology combined with reclaimed bicycle parts to produce a mechanism to rotate a camera about a Y-axis.  The revolutions combined with a forward vector produces a loopty-loop or corkscrew condition